[Pathological anatomy--past, present and future].

  • Alex Hecht
  • Published 1987 in Zentralblatt fur allgemeine Pathologie u. pathologische Anatomie


Beginning with a brief overview of its history the future developments of pathologic anatomy are anticipated. While the major tasks of the institutes of pathology in hospitals lie in clinical pathology, the emphasis of the university institutes is on teaching and communicating the basis of general pathology and pathological anatomy. Progress requires a more intensive development of experimental and theoretical research as well as new morphologic techniques, taking advantage of recent scientific and technical advances. Clinical pathology should not be among the primary goals of university institutes. One of their major tasks must be the elaboration of cognitive theoretical concepts to further develop the understanding and classification of diseases and neoplasias, and their complex etiologies. The relationship with other medical disciplines is discussed. Pathological anatomy at universities should reflect the spirit of Virchow's pathology as is obvious from its history and traditions.


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