Molecular Cloning and Analysis of Hubei White Swine Myostatin Gene

  • Guijie Fang, Xianfeng Qiao
  • Published 2010 in 2010 2nd International Conference on Information Engineering and Computer Science


A cDNA encoding the myostatin (MSTN) was isolated from the Hubei white swine Longissimus dorsi muscle by RT-PCR, and corroborated through restriction enzymes map and sequencing. Identity analysis and, primary structure of translation alignment were made using NCBI-blast. Results revealed that the total length of the cloned MSTN gene was 1277 bp, and the opening reading frame (ORF) of MSTN was 1128 bp, encoding 375 amino acids with a predicted MW of 42927.43 mw and pI of 7.57. Coding sequence has 99.5% homology to MSTN gene published in GenBank from Duroc (GenBank: AF 188635.1), Hampshire (GenBank: AF 188636.1), Yorkshire 1128 (GenBank: AF 188638.1) and Meishan sows (GenBank: AF 188637.1) with three mutations (A→G) at the nucleotides 653, 735 and 759. Because of genetic code degeneracy, only the mutation at the nucleotide 653 results in a corresponding amino acid change from glutamate to arginine (E→R). According to our study no double muscle occurred in phenotype of Hubei white swine, which denote the amino acid mutation of MSTN did not produce remarkable influence.


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