Functional results after conservative treatment of fractures of the mandibular condyle.


Since the introduction of osteosynthesis materials for rigid internal fixation after anatomical reduction there is an ongoing discussion about the treatment of condylar fractures of the mandible. Sixty patient files were analyzed and 28 patients were seen for re-examination and a x-orthopantomogram was taken. Functionality was graded with the Helkimo index at an average of 3.0 years follow-up. The clinical dysfunction index showed: severe symptoms in 11%, moderate symptoms in 39%, mild symptoms in 39% and 11% had no symptoms. Index for occlusal state showed: 21% severe occusal disturbances, 61% moderate occlusal disturbances and 18% no occlusal disturbances. According to the anamnestic dysfunction index 89% of the patients were symptom-free. The clinical outcome group showed a significant left/right ramus length difference compared with a 20-person control group. The re-examined group did not significantly differ from the control group. Conservative treatment for condylar fractures was successful in only 46% according to the 1999 consensus criteria described by Bos et al.


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