A Co-Simulation Framework for Power System Analysis


Power system electromagnetic transient (EMT) simulation has been used to study the electromagnetic behavior of power system components. It generally comprises detailed models of the study area and an equivalent circuit which represents an external part of the study area. However, a detailed description of an external system that includes transmission or distribution system models is required to study the interaction among power system components because the number of high power converter based devices in a power grid have been increasing. Since detailed models of the system components are necessary to simulate a series of events such as cascading faults the computational burden of power system simulation has increased. Therefore a more effective and practical framework has been sought to handle this computational challenge. This paper proposes a co-simulation framework including a delay compensation algorithm to compensate the time delayed signals due to network segmentation and a fast and flexible simulation environment composed of non-real time power system EMT simulation on a general purpose computer with a multi core central processing unit (CPU), which is currently very popular owing to its performance. The proposed methods are applied to an AC/DC power system model.


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